Valentine's Day

I bet ya'll are all wondering what we did for Valentine's day...or maybe not!

As usual, our holiday was no where near usual.

The kids and I had MOPS in the morning. We had a chocolate tasting at the meeting. Yummy fun (except for the dark chocolate...yick).

When we got home, I noticed that Liam was acting funny and wanting me to hold him a lot. I checked his temp and it was up! He had just finished an antibiotic on Monday for a sinus infection. I called my pharmacist/best friend, and she advised me to call the doc. He had also started coughing a good bit the day before and through the night. Dr. B called in another antibiotic that has to go 10 days. (by the way, he's doing pretty good and not running a fever anymore).

So, when they got up from their nap I loaded everyone in the car and we went to get: medicine, a movie, and pizza.

And, we spent our Valentine's day watching a movie and eating pizza. Lots of fun! We love doing family stuff for Valentine's day.

Lest you think that Mark and I did not acknowledge our love for each other with gifts...we did...sort of. I got him his usual, Peanut M&Ms and he got me my usual, Chocolate Turtles (that had amazingly disappeared by Sunday...that took a lot of self-control). He also (which he was not supposed to) got me the itunes of Michael Buble (see below), and a guitar stand to hang my great aunt's guitar.

Oh, did I mention I got to go to a spa for a manicure and pedicure and I got to get my haircut all on Friday! Ahhh, pampered me. What a great hubby I have!

Love ya Babe!

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