Since I've Lost My Mind, part 1

I might as well start this off as a series and add to it when I've done something completely silly.

So, our night went like this...Mark got up with Liam somewhere around 2:30 because he was screaming and crying, inconsolably. When he walked out of the room with him so that Liam wouldn't wake up Josiah, Josiah woke up. I traded off with Mark and got Liam while he tried to get Josiah to sleep and then he met me in the hallway because Ace was running a fever. So we got drugs for Ace. I got Liam to lay down with me and Mark settled in with Josiah who was now screaming his head off (but not literally, it's still attached). Liam tossed and turned and fussed and every time I almost drifted off to sleep, he would fuss or say something. This continued until we gave up on Josiah and I tried to nurse him around 5. I got him down and went to lay down while Ace started coughing. Again, trying to keep Josiah from waking up (I mean screaming) anymore, Mark took Ace (Mark decided to go in late to work...4 hours of sleep makes it hard to concentrate) into the living room and I tried to get some sleep with Liam. And I listened to Josiah play for about thirty minutes and then when he fussed, I gave him drugs (he is teething okay) and went back to lay down and finally got about an hour's sleep after that!

With all that in mind, I decided we'd try our hand at potty training Liam. We've been through three training pants and one pair of underwear. The one pair of undies doesn't count because he was sitting on the potty watching "It's Potty Time (can you say funny)" and he didn't realize he was spraying the floor where his undies were. He's kept his second pair of undies dry but I had to put him in a diaper for nap time...ain't no way I'm cleaning up my bed because he went while he was sleeping. Zoe and Ace are really encouraging but the main motivator is the candy! He sat on the potty before nap time eyeing the candy jar. We'll see if we continue with this. I'm wondering if he wets his pants one time he'll realize what he's doing. If not, then I probably won't continue for another month or so. I'm not sure he really has bladder control yet. And I don't want to spend who knows how many months waiting for him to get it and running around with extra pants, clothes, and towels! "My hands are full" enough right now.

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