I'm telling...

On myself. Since I post about the silly absentmindedness of our family...I thought I would share what I just did!

We were herding them all into the house after church tonight and Liam was tagging along. I was so certain that he made it in front of me as I carried bags and Mark carried Josiah. I kept hearing a noise but thought the neighbors were doing something so I came on in and closed the door.

Then I thought Liam was in the room with Mark while I got some stuff ready for bedtime, so I didn't think anything of it...except that it was unusually quiet.

I guess Mark heard him, however, because when I went into get Josiah ready for bed (and Liam, although he wasn't in the room) he got up and went to the door. There was Liam banging on it with a toy and yelling at us to let him in.

In my defense, it was dark out and I'm pretty tired! In my defense, he should have done what I told him and walked up to the house! This has been a first in our household!

And, while I'm tattling, I'll tell that Mark almost left Josiah one day when he was taking the troupe to a store.

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