Reunion Countdown

Mark's 10 Year Reunion is two weeks away. I'm excited about seeing some of our mutual friends at the reunion. Unfortunatley, my body is still in post pardum mode and very "frumpy." I had fully intended on exercising and getting at least close to my "original" dress size. But that has been put aside due to, well, life! I needed to purchase a dressy outfit for the reunion dinner on Saturday. And so, armed with the kids and Mark we headed out to look for it. He entertained the kids with ice cream and an indoor play place near the stores and I searched, picked, and squeezed in to several nursing friendly dresses, skirts, and shirts. I found my outfit at two stores. It's actually a pair of pants that are long flowy dressy looking pants and then a nice satin style wrap shirt. I'm so excited because when I got it home, a necklace that my mom had gotten for me on our last trip up matches it perfectly. As does a bracelet that she purchased for me awhile back. Yippee...I may look a little pregnant in it, but hopefully, Josiah's sling will cover it up.

I'm actually going to try and leave him. His long night stretch is early evening (from 7 or so and lasting about 5 hours). So, if he'll actually eat before we leave, then I'll be able to leave him with Mark's parents. If not, then I'll just load him up and wear him there. Wish me luck!!!

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