Let me just say, that I did not threaten Mark to write that...he just did. I love 'em so much!

Josiah is showing a really goofy side to his personality...definitely fits into this family. He loves to laugh at anyone who walks by. And when you sing, his face lights up like a Christmas tree! Last night, he decided to get really mad when I had him on his belly and he rolled over! I'm still working with him on keeping his hands up so he can roll easier instead of just using his leg and hip strength. Something I just look for since our pt stint with Liam.

Anyways, after rolling over he stopped fussing and just looked at me and then smiled. A few minutes later, Champ the cat, jumped up beside him. He caught sight of Champ and grinned so big.

While preparing (fixing in the South) lunch today, he was very tired but I had to get it done, so I entertained him by singing and dancing. He smiled the whole time and when I stopped he started to fuss.

I'll have some cute pictures of him just as soon as I find time to take them. It's a MOPS week, so it's been pretty crazy here.

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