Today is the first day of MOPS. I'm feeling better...still congested and sleep deprived (late nights getting things together). This is our second year of MOPS at our church. I'm so excited. I helped start the group and this is my third year as a coordinator. I love meeting and being with other moms who are going through the same things I am. I also love knowing that we are helping them get a little snipit of Christ and a little respite from their children.

I have a great team to work with this year and last night we were able to set up in thirty minutes. I was really surprised how fast it went and am deathly afraid we've forgotten something. However, I think we're good. A friend remarked that we just know what we're doing this year.

Instead of sitting around typing...I need to get everyone ready!!

Oh yeah, Zoe is doing much better. She's not coughing at all now. No doctor's visit needed. Praise God! Josiah's sleeping secret is the swaddling blanket...ughhh, wish I had figured that out on Monday.

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