MOPS and beyond

Yesterday was a loooooonnnnnngggggg day. I'm not exaggerating. MOPS went great and I'm so looking forward to this year. After MOPS it was home to nap time, school time and work time. After Mark got home, I headed out to the consignment sale that I volunteered at and put clothes in and got a few "toys" for the kids for gifts for Christmas, etc. That was a pretty fruitful find for Josiah since he's going to be small and not require much for his Christmas gifts. Then back home to help get the kids in bed and then I find out that my best friend's mother-in-law had passed away. Totally unexpected. So, I headed over to their house and helped out until about 11 and then back home.

On a happy note, my parents are going to get to go to the Masters practice round next year. Excited? Definitely. My dad has dreamed about going for a long time. We finally were able to get tickets (actually, remembered to inquire about them). And I just got my Focus on the Family Daily Digest about their speaking topic, and the guy they are having on there on Monday and Tuesday is a former player of Dad's. Dad spoke fondly of him this past summer and I always meant to get in touch with him to get him to write something up...of course, that was when Dad was retiring from coaching...I guess I can get to work on it now, even though I'm not completely convinced this is his last year.

Today, was fun with a field trip to see CCB's ballet and then play on the playground and eat lunch outside. We all had a good time. I've got one sling partially made and have plans to finish up two more before the weekend is over and I have to hit the ground running on MOPS stuff and helping out with our friends' during the funeral process.

Have a great weekend.

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