Things heard and done in my house this week

"Somebody poured water on my pants." A sweet little guest who had an "accident" during Ace's party...I still get cracked up at that.
"Oh wow! I'm just saying Wow!" Ace opening up gifts on his actual birthday last Thursday.
"Ohhhh, I can hardly stand it." Zoe as Ace is opening the card she made him. She drew a picture of him in his prince costume.

I decided since I'm up to having to put sheets on four beds, it was time for Zoe to learn how to make her bed. My every intention was to hoard over her while she tried to make the bed. However, her attitude as I tried to instruct her how to put a pillowcase one (while Josiah fussed and I fussed over making the boys' bed), required her to have time to herself in her room. As I finished with the boys bed and nursed Josiah, I looked in Zoe's room...she had it almost all made. Definitely can't micromanage my little independent. She did a good job too. The sheets are a little crumpled but they're on the bed and they'll be plenty of time for instruction in my obsessive compulsive bed making.

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