Caught Up!

I think I've caught up with all my posts now.

Now to catch up on everything else. I have card orders and then school is coming up in two weeks. I've got that pretty well ready (did that back in May) but I need Mark to do some reconfiguring in the playroom so that we can put up posters and have toys put up and out of the way when school starts.

Zoe's ready to go now but I told her mama wasn't and that we need to wait a few weeks. I also want our school to stay close with the county calendar so that she'll be out when her friends are . After school starts, we have a week until ballet starts!

Ace & Zoe are "promoting" in church stuff as well. Ace will be in 3 year old cubbies and Zoe will be in 4 year old cubbies. Zoe will also be moving "upstairs" for all her other activities and this will be Ace's first year in choir. My babies are growing up!!!

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