I Know a Fighter

I've been sharing on our Just a Bunch of Characters Facebook page about NF Awareness Month.

See, I get the fun and silly posts on Facebook about pretending to be a slug and all to raise awareness for Breast Cancer even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October and I'm quite certain it is very well known.  I totally agree that we need to spread awareness for it and we have dear friends who have been directly effected by it but I also know that NF is very prevalent and doesn't get as much publicity.  So, this is my publicity for it.  Minus the slug posts.

Wow, that was a noodle.  Sorry.

Back to what I was saying.  This month is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month.  The theme Children's Tumor Foundation has chosen is, "I Know a Fighter."  Each day this month, I've posted an NF fact and shared a short bio as well as a picture of some pretty awesome and amazing and beautiful NF fighters.  You can go check it out now.  Don't worry.  This post will be here when you get back.

May 17th is National Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day.  That's seven days away.  I would love it if you, my dear friends and family would share our NF part of the blog.  Or our Facebook page.  Or even Super Ems picture (found below)!

Please remember to share a link to our blog or to Children's Tumor Foundation or both when you share!

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