Happy Wedding Day!

One of our pastor's daughters got married in March.  It was such a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride!

 Photo bomb, anyone?

 Ceili Rain just had to see the lovely bride immediately after the ceremony and of course, J willingly obliged.  J was Ceili Rain's cubbies' teacher and has always remained dear to her.
 And, my boys were super thrilled about the wedding.  Mainly because of the food at the reception.  This reception did not disappoint either.

 The beautiful new couple (photobombed by our table mate P).

 Trying to complete the wedding scavenger hunt before we gave up and just enjoyed visiting.

 At this point, the kids had grabbed my phone (with my permission, of course).  Apparently the groom, S went in on the charades.  I'm pretty sure all the rest of these pictures are from the kids escapades.

 Then Mark pulled out his camera and we got some good pictures as well...
 Father-daughter dance...awwww
And a daddy with his girls.  Mark tries not to blink because he knows he'll be the one in the father/daughter dance all too soon.
 Um, yeah.  She's cute and she knows it.

Thank you to S and J for letting us be a part of your special day! 

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