Happy Resurrection Day!

This was our first official Easter at our church's new property.  While it was super chilly, we all enjoyed the fellowship and the worship of our risen Savior!

Well, these are the hot cross buns Zoe made.  We always have an amazing breakfast that a family from our church provides and these were supposed to have been eaten on Good Friday (just as tradition) but Zoe didn't get to them until Friday evening so we had them Saturday.  They were still very good.

 Pastor B sharing God's Word!
 Everyone gathered in the youth room for payer before breakfast.  One year, I'll remember to take pictures of the feast.  It is so good ya'll.  We are so blessed that their ministry is to serve some awesome breakfast foods!
 After worship, an impromptu gathering to sing more praises to God.  
 Zoe and friend.  Zoe made her skirt.   Thankfully, it warmed up quickly.

I made Ceili Rain and Emmie's dress.  We had to go with a quick pattern because mommy let the day creep up on me.

It was a beautiful day spent with some pretty awesome family and church family.

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