Mark beat me to Facebook so I'm just going to share here!

Fifteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle and pledged always and forever to the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with.  My love.  My best friend.  My team mate.

We said no matter what we would stay together.  We were young, indeed.  And yes, very naive (just drive by our first home together...It's amazing we came out of there alive).  I wouldn't trade those young naive years for anything in the world.  We learned so much those first few years.

And each year has brought different challenges.  Different ways that the Lord has brought us closer to Him and to each other.

This year has not been an exception.  We have learned to lean on each other in ways I would never imagine we could or have.  We are learning more and more how to better communicate in hard situations.  And the joyous situations have brought us more joy than I could ever imagine.

We have definitely learned, this year, how precious each and every sweet laughter and deep exhale is.

I could not imagine walking this special needs journey without Mark.

I could not imagine walking these past fifteen years without his caring, compassionate and patient (long suffering comes to mind when we think about my crazy emotional self) love.  He reminds me so much of the Lord's agape love for us.

So, Happy Anniversary to my knight!  I am so blessed to have you!

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