Happy 6th Birthday, Ceili Rain!

My middle girl turned six in March.  We celebrated in style with a glow party.

 And a horse cake.  Let me say that again.  She requested a horse cake.  My dear daughter has never been on a real horse.  Ever.  She has a few My Little Ponies but horses have just not been as interesting as dolls.  But, this is what she asked for.  So, I obliged.  We scoured Pinterest, found the perfect tutorial and then she dictated the colors to decorate.

 All decorated up in her glowing cutieness.

 She requested Krispy Kreme for breakfast and when we arrived, they gave the kids donut decorating kits.  They were in heaven!  (Yes, we have an honorary member of the bunch.  James got to spend the night with us the night before and partake in the festivities).

Emmie thoroughly enjoyed the donuts as well!  Her first Krispy Kremes. 

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