Beach Bum

I was blessed, blessed, blessed to be able to go to Fripp Island, SC in March on a retreat with other ladies from our church.  It came at the right time as we had just found out Emmie was going to need to wear a neck brace and surgery was looming in our nearer future.  The time was definitely filled with crying out to God and feeling His peace wash over me.

God reminded me over and over again who was in control (Him) and I enjoyed soaking  up His presence and hearing how He worked in the lives of the other amazing women at our church.

 The view from the deck of the house where we stayed.

 Emmie and I got our own room.

Wildlife was everywhere!

 One of the most precious women in our church and I decided to take a walk to see if we could see any deer up close and personal.  Besides the island just being gorgeous...

We also got to see the deer we so wanted.  Several of them, in fact!

 On the way back to our house, a beautiful bird swooped down in front of us and we followed it to a tree across a pond.  Look for the orange beak in the picture above.

While we  were engrossed in taking pictures of the bird, we realized we should watch out for the gators.  At about the same time we realized that, we saw this...
Yep.  A baby gator.  We snapped a few more pictures and took off before we saw a bigger gator.

Emmie enjoyed some Bible study time.
 And some cuddle time.

 I caught the sunrise on the last day!  It was just beautiful!

And I also managed to get a few cute pictures of our Ems!

 Emmie decided, on the way back, that she wouldn't mind hanging out with Miss G.

And we got to watch a "drawbridge" rotate at the same pit stop.

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