Warm Fire, Warm Home

I believe I mentioned that we were working on the fireplace changing it out from a decorative electric to a funtional gas.  With hosting this winter, it meant it was an extra slow process.  But it's done!

Dry wall up, fire going.  It was so cozy warm and awesome!

 Working on the stone.  This was lightweight stone facade called Air Stone.  It was easy (don't ask Mark...he was the cutter), to cut and went on with their adhesive glue gloop.  Once we got in to a groove, it got easier and went faster.  I placed, marked and handed off.  Mark cut and sometimes installed or would hand back to me to put the glue on and stick up.
 I really do love it! It makes the room so much more inviting  It wasn't expensive either.  We paid around $75 for the whole facade and had plenty leftover.

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  1. i've wanted to use airstone. i've seen in online. where did you get it and how easy/hard was it really???