February Randoms

Here's an eye-ful of February for all of ya'll!
 Warrior Josiah putting on his war paint.

 Eek!  Those smiles!

 Neighbors!  Usually when a few of us come out, we call come out and the kids draw with chalk (on themselves or the sidewalk) and play.  The adults get to visit too.  I love our neighborhood and our street is a wonderful community!

 Zoe made cinnamon rolls for when we hosted our friends, The Rensburgs from South Africa.  The hosting was fun.  The rolls were awesome!
 Ace.  Yeah.
 We spent much of February and some of March with at least one if not two or three children sick at a time.  Well, Mark and I were sick too.  It was definitely a tough month.  We survived with very little antibiotics and healthy.  While it was tough being sick.  I so loved the cuddles that came with the yuckies.

When Mark traveled to San Francisco (he promises he's working on that), we loaded the kids up to take him to the airport.  When he checked in the clerk made us all wait and ran in the back and came out with a box of goodies for the kids.  They were so nice.  I know people can say a lot of things about Delta but this customer service won my kids for life.

Bryant thought he'd try out a mohawk.

 This is what 20 pounds of green beans looks like.  I can safely say that we have enough green beans put up for the rest of the year.

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