To the A-T-L

After the hosting whirlwind and knowing we were about to jump head long in to NF world again, Mark and I decided to take advantage of our trips to the bigger city.  We splurged on a room in the Westin.  If you've been to Atlanta, you've seen the Westin.  According to them, it's the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere (Wikipedia says it's the second tallest.  Yes, I know, I've sunk low quoting Wikipedia).  It's the large circular building which, appropriately enough, has WESTIN in large letters on the top right smack dab in downtown.  When we were trying to decide where to stay, Mark made the mistake of showing me the views from the Westin.  I was sold.

We were on the 62nd floor.  A mere ten stories from the very top of the building.  The view did not disappoint.

 Emmie liked the fluffy bed.

Okay, she thought the view was pretty cool too.

We watched the sunset.  Oh, the view!  That big building is the Georgia Dome.

 After we watched the sunset, we got all fancied up and waited on our awesome friend, M and her amazing 1 year old C to come over.  She graciously offered to watch Emmie after a long day at work so that Mark and I could go to eat alone.  Our first real date since Emmie was born (MRI waiting doesn't count).
 M and I were really good friends in high school.  We hadn't seen each other in real life for almost five years.  It was so fun seeing her being a mama, something she has wanted for along time.  And it was awesome to catch up!

We didn't travel far for supper.  We just went up ten floors.  Well, down 62 and then to another elevator to get to the very top restaurant, The Sun Dial.  It rotates at a full rotation in one hour.  So, in one hour of dining, we saw all of Atlanta.  So cool and slightly worth the price.  

We had flip flopped on whether or not we wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  The view, we argued would have been amazing.  Yeah, scroll back up to that previous picture.  That little teeny tiny circle is the ferris wheel.  We may have paid more for the meal but I think we got a better view than the ferris wheel could have afforded.

I'm sure if we all hadn't been sick with a cold, we would have slept like we were floating on a cloud.  But we had colds.  

After canceling the MRI, we headed to The Flying Biscuit for breakfast.  This is supposed to be one of the best breakfast places in Atlanta.  

It did not disappoint.  It was super yummy.  Although, they don't literally have flying biscuits.  But they were yummy.

 Emmie liked it too.  She also loved the music and danced to almost all the songs.

And your bonus picture:  Emmie likes to entertain herself while nursing.  She goes from this
 To pulling back my cuticles or just simply holding my hand.  It can either be a nice arm massage or a mini mani or just plain sweet.

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