Three Ring Circus

Well, actually, only one.  In January, we happened to be at the library when a friend walked in and said she was there to pick up their free circus passes.  Free?  We like free.  I moseyed up to the desk to find out what the free was about.  If the kids read a certain number of books, we would mark it and take it back to the library to get it certified and then we could get free tickets to the circus.  But only three per paying adult.  That works for me.  Especially since Emmie was free and we had Ceili Rain's free baby ticket.  For the price of two adults, we got ten people in to the circus.  The kids were so thrilled!

We made sure to head there early for the pre-show activities on the floor.  However, only Zoe was brave enough to check out what was going on.

 She got to try on cute costumes.

 And meet several guys from King Charles Troup.

 And tight walk.  The rest of the crew really missed out but Zoe had such a delightful time!  She's teetering on the edge of trying to do adult things and still enjoy little kid things.  Her eyes lit up the whole time and it's safe to say that the little kid things won out this time!

The excitement of the circus overwhelmed Malachi to exhaustion.

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