Merry Christmas with Ge and Granddaddy!

We traveled to visit Granddaddy and Ge and all of our extended family to celebrate December birthdays and Christmas.

True to Y's personality, he tagged along and enjoyed the time with everyone.

 A little present balancing before the chaos!

 Checking out the presents before the chaos!

 And after opening gifts with Aunt Yaya and the fam, we celebrated Christmas with Granddaddy's sister and fam.

 My favorite picture.  Y had gone to the bathroom but had been in there a loooong time.  We were all waiting on him to open gifts.  Mark went to check on him and discovered a sink full of bubbles.  I don't believe he was used to liquid soap and the bubbles were just too inviting for a young boy.    He decided the bubbles needed to go on Ma and came out and attacked me.  This was one of the first times he voluntarily climbed in to my lap.

 This is all the grandkids of Granddaddy and Aunt D.  The Santa hats were a big hit this year.  Last year Aunt D and Ge decided to get together and purchase several small items that the kids could/would use.  They were a big hit (my kids still play with the goofy balls they got last year) and so they did the same thing this year.  Honestly, though, the kids all have a blast together whether they get gifts or not.

 "These are MY gifts?!"

 Y approved of the red velvet cake.

Aunt Yaya getting some Liam lovin'!

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