Hosting Party

We first learned about hosting from some loooong time friends B and H.  We followed along on Facebook as they hosted S and then prayed and prayed as they worked to bring her home in to their family forever.  She came home in the Spring, by the way.

You know how people say it just takes one pebble to make a ripple?  That's B & H.  After their hosting, we had a set of friends host and then this past winter, there were about four of us that hosted in the area.  We all had heard about hosting from B & H. 

Since there were so many of us hosting this winter, we were able to have our own get together.  Only three families came but, hey, our family is a traveling party.

We had a "Wrap the Snowman" game.

And Y got to try his first cupcake.  Little things that we don't think of having to tell our kids sometimes caused a few giggles.  Like, don't eat the paper on the cupcake.  And, we don't try on clothes in the middle of the store (Thankfully, I was paying attention and able to direct him to the fitting rooms before he disrobed).  Sugar, it's safe to say, is his favorite treat.

B & H have been such a positive influence, encouragement and source of knowledge throughout our hosting.  We are forever grateful for them sharing their experiences and helping us through our first hosting.

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