Hosting Starts!

December flew by and before we knew it, it was December 17th and Y was here.
 The flight had landed and all the families waiting on their host child gathered together for a group picture!
 The flight got in at 10:30 at night.  Poor Emmie had to go since I am her food source.  She was so sleepy but did so well.

 Everyone from Liam down to Malachi had a spend the night party at Kristina's house (and thereby earning her about 1,000 jewels for her crown).  Zoe and Ace made the trek to the airport to pick up Y.  Ace was as excited and anxious as we were.

 Zoe tracking Y's flight in.
Mark and I love the airport.  It's like a mini-world with all sorts of interesting people to see and things to look at.  This lady was no exception.  She had on elf leggings and hat, a hula skirt and coconut bra.  And I do believe she had a lit up necklace too.  I believe several people had stopped and watched and waited to see who in the world she had dressed up for.  It did not disappoint as a lady about her age with two adorable young girls were met to this get up as she sang "Mele Kalikimaka."  The little girls lit up as soon as they saw her and ran up and gave her the biggest hugs.  Definitely not a disappointment to watch.

And before we knew it Y was with us.  He was so tiny, ya'll.  He's just a few weeks younger than Liam but with all the older kids with him, he looked so small and alone.  We grabbed him and hugged him but he didn't light up with a big ol' smile until he saw Emmie! 

 He grabbed her up as quick as he could and then quickly pulled out the letter we had written him and pointed to her picture and each of ours.  He was so excited.
And he had to push the stroller.

It's safe to say that everyone except Mark and I slept soundly on the way home.  Y had been traveling a full 24 hours.  We had to wake him up the next day!

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