Within the next two years four of our pastor's seven children will be wed!  One of the neatest parts of being a part of a small church is that everyone is friends with and knows the pastor and his family.  We were so excited to get to dress up and be a part of one of the wedding celebrations in December (unfortunately, we had to miss the first of the four weddings).  It was a very personal and sweet ceremony that honored Jesus above all else.  

 Zoe has figured out how to trick her hair to get a few waves and curls (the secret is a wrapping damp hair in a bun all day long, fyi).
 Emmie decided the ceremony wasn't her cup of tea and wanted Daddy to walk her in the foyer.  Much better.

 My boys think a wedding is okay but what they most look forward to is the reception.  Especially buffet receptions.  But waiting until the buffet is open...That's really hard.

 Weddings bring sweet reunions too.  Some former members of our church drove in and that meant instant friend time for Ceili Rain, A and C as they joined together and played at the reception.  We miss C and her family dearly and pray one day they can move back in to the area!
 Okay, Bryant got in on the hugs and reunion too.

I wanted a family picture and this was the best we got.  Oh,  well.  Tracy got some really good ones while Y was here and I'll share those soon.

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