October Randomness

 Liam's Lego Creation.  It was a volcano disaster.  Note the fallen village people.

 Emmie got her first bite of food.
 That about sums up her thoughts on baby food.  We're still working on it but she prefers mommy or soft foods she can hold to eating mushy foods from a spoon.

 Liam took a quick picture of us for Grandmere.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.

 Mark's kid chains.

 Emmie was still working on rolling over in October.  This is as far as she would get.  Those hands.  They slay me.

 Dinosaur bones make a yummy chew toy.

 Emmie loves Ginger.  Even though Ginger is a bit skiddish around her, the feeling is mutual.  Ginger checks on her regularly in the evenings and when Emmie is crying Ginger looks for me or Mark to go get her.  This is the best I can do right now.  I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship grow.  She's our first baby to actually take an active interest in the dogs.
A few weeks after the food introduction and she's slowly getting the hang of it.  Okay, not really, but she did enjoy a few bites.
 Helping daddy build a patio extension.

 A neighbor invited Ceili Rain to a birthday party.  She got to "meet" Elsa.  Her world was rocked.

 We got Mark at home for a whole week as he worked on training online.  Contrary to popular Facebook belief, he was actually studying here.  Not sleeping.

 Emmie still does not have a ton of hair.  So I made her a hat. 
It's an owl.  And she approves.  I think.

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