Emmie is Six Months!

 Emmie turned six months last month.  It's safe to say, she's growing like a weed!  The week we made this picture, we had to pull out her twelve month clothes.  Her torso and the cloth diapers made snapping onesies near to impossible.  So, up a size she went.   She had a great check up with Dr. B.  She's a bit slower on her milestones than her siblings but she's still within normal developmental range.  She's sitting up and grabbing at objects and even manipulating them in her hands.  Bless her, having a mama who is a social worker, and a grandma and aunt who have masters in special education...this baby is being watched like a hawk.

She continues to be a delight to our family.  The kids remind me daily that she is definitely the favorite for them.  All of her adventures these past six months have reminded us to not take a single day for granted.  She is truly a gift.

Here's her stats:

17 lbs 13.2 oz (84%).  A week after her well check we had to go back in because she was sick (nothing serious...just a normal infant virus), she weighed 19 pounds...over a pound in a week...This kid loves her milk (because she doesn't eat baby food).
27 inches long (90%)

Miss Ems decided that she wanted to sit up for her photo shoot this month.

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