Wasp Attack

We were able to attend our local minor league baseball game again this year.  The ball club was generous enough to give the kids who completed the reading program tickets.  We thought it would be fun.  Only, when we got there did the kids inform us that they didn't enjoy the game last year.  Oops.  We invited some friends along but apparently, those friends didn't enjoy it either.  Strike two.

And then, Ace went to the top of the stadium and put his hand right in a wasp nest.

Yeah, strike three.  Thankfully, he was not allergic to them and only had a sore head (three stings on the head and two on his hand) for a day or so.

This was the only picture I managed to get.

The game was a double header and we got there halfway through the first game.  After the first game, the kids were able to walk around the field.  So, our kids walked and then were ready to leave.  This will go down as the least fun ball game my kids have seen.  At least we got to visit with our friends.

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