The amazing hubby

My oven is fairly new.  We purchased it a couple of years ago before Malachi was born.  It's nothing short of awesome.  I honestly use it or the stovetop one or twice a day.  Every day.  But, in August one morning as I was putting our muffins in to bake, I noticed the top broil heating unit on.  I thought it was funny but continued on my merry little way.  I still thought nothing of it as I opened the oven door and was blasted with the heat.

Only when I started smelling burnt muffins five minutes later did I realize that our oven was broken.
The poor muffins...Mark and the kids said that only the top was burned and that they were quite yummy..

Mark came home that night to a heartbroken woman.  My oven is my constant friend as I feed these growing people.  He pulled the oven out, turned on his super smart brain and ordered the broken part that night.  Three days later, I had an oven that worked again.  He was and is my hero!

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