Blueberry Farms are in abundance around here.  Our neighborhood Facebook page led us to a new one this year.  And at under $2 a pound, we were definitely able to pick enough to store away for quite a while.  It was run by a retired grandparents who just loved on our kids and handed out waters freely.  We had a ton of fun picking blueberries and visiting with them and can't wait to go back next year.
 That would be a Malachi roaming and eating.

 Don't let that look fool you.  She was having fun.  
 Discussing where the best blueberry bushes were.

 Oh, and this is the blackberry team.  Despite us going late in the season we got a few good blackberries.
 Afterwards, the wife took the kids to her flower field and helped them pick and cut flowers.  We had a gorgeous bouquet when we got home.
This was our haul!  The peaches were actually a part of the 90 lbs we purchased from a neighbor who worked near peach fields.   That's actually two full bags of blueberries and one bag of black berries.  Not bad for about an hour of picking!  Many hands make light work indeed.

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