Everything is Awesome!

For Ace's big decade birthday we thought we would surprise him with a trip to Legoland Discovery Center.  Admittedly, by the time we got to Atlanta he knew what was up.  Especially since we have watched the Lego Movie a ton of times.  Figuring it out didn't dampen the mood.  Every one was stoked to be there.

 The Lego creation of Atlanta was super cool for me.  I grew up visiting Atlanta and seeing so many of the places we visited, brought back lots of great memories.  I believe the kids tired of hearing my memories but oh well.
 This Lego police motorcycle was a major hit for our community helper-truck lovin' boy.  He even pretended to write me a ticket.  Bless him!  All I was doing was taking pictures of him.  He stayed here pretty much the whole time.
 Papa & Grandmere made a special trip out to meet us which thrilled our boys to no end.

 Zoe left her mark.
 All sorts of cuteness in 3D.  He left the glasses on through the whole movie.

 We ate lunch just outside of the mall and Papa & Grandmere brought gifts for Bryant and Ace.

 Ah, a Transue joined us.  Here she is with her lovely head piece. 

 Of course Ceili Rain had a blast with the girly stuff.

And then Ace was allowed to take all his birthday money plus a set amount from us to pick out a set.  He had that overwhelming face of excitement the entire time we were there. I mean it took him a good hour to decide what he wanted.

Something to note if you ever go to Legoland Discovery Center.  Due to space and fire marshall codes, they can only allow a certain amount of people in at a time therefore they have a policy that you can not re-enter.  That would have been fine but we purchased group tickets and the site for group tickets said nothing about that.  Nor do they have that posted as you go in or as you are about to leave.  So, be prepared.  Also, it is in a mall so don't expect the giant Legoland theme park experience.  It was fun and worth it for all our Lego lovin' crew.

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