June Randomness

Mark requested this for his Father's Day gift.
That would be Rush Limbaugh's Two if by Tea.  He purchased the original because the peach tea was out of stock.  Honestly, it was not the sweet tea we are used to.  It was okay but just a tad too much lemon for our taste.

 Warm days meant some time to play outside with the family.  Malachi's required "Take a picture me!" shot.

 Ace had help washing dishes this nigiht.  I love his expression as he played "Bubble Monster" with Malachi.
 Josiah's birthday gift was a fish tank with fish.  Malachi loves to watch them swim and swim.

 Liam, "Okay, so you know, I told Ben it was okay if he drag me down the stairs." One epic carpet burn and broken spindle later.  Ben was a visiting friend and this occurred one Sunday after church.
 "I Strong!"

 Aw, I love you too Emmie!

 Mark requested snickers cake for his Father's Day cake.  Yummy!

 Mark took the kids to see a ventriloquist at our local library and Liam got to volunteer to assist.  He was quite funny!
 I had to get a picture of Aunt Yaya taking selfies with the kids.  Apparently, they perfected what is known as "the duck face."

A neighbor comes over to visit so we sit in the driveway and draw with chalk.  Normal day in our 'hood.

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