Emmie's Cuteness in June

Just because I know there are grandparents who can't get enough pictures of their grandkids.

Zoe has really enjoyed loving on baby sister. 

Miss J.  Future Cubbies teacher and expert baby holder! 

 Ace was so excited that he got her to sleep.

 Neighbor play date. L. is exactly a month older that Emmie.

I surrender!

I'm thinking.  I'm thinking.

Quick! Get pictures of her in smocked dresses before she outgrows them!

 Malachi:  Take picture me and Emmie.

 Trying to catch those first smiles...

She was quite amused at our efforts.
 Milk coma!

 Malachi says,"Emmie wants to see me.  I love Emmie."  She is  now the first one to get his cuddles in the morning and the only one who gets his goodnight hugs.  I'm almost jealous.

The changing table is the best place to get some rockin' smiles.

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