June Visitors

Ge & Granddaddy came up in June to help celebrate our summer birthdays.  They also brought along some special guests, cousin Jacie and Aunt Yaya!  We were so thrilled they could come and not only meet Miss Emmie but also check out our crib.

 Ge got her birthday gift from us, a family and friends birthday calendar inspired by this pin.  She was super thrilled with it.  I can't wait to make one for us too!  Hopefully, that will keep me from missing a birthday...nah.
 Aunt Yaya was super thrilled to love on her new niece.  They also share a birthday which means Emmie loves her Aunt Yaya even more!

 They trapped Granddaddy and "forced" him to read to them.  He looks like he's suffering, no?

 Next up came trio playing time.  I think they were taking pictures.

 Jacie enjoyed snuggling with Ems too.

 Gift time!

 These kids are growing so much that I requested that Ge give them pjs for their birthdays.  She accepted the challenge!  They got some fun gifts too but these made this mama's heart happy.  They wear mismatched pjs that usually are waaay too short and pjs are just something that I always forget to purchase when we do our clothes shopping.

 A truck for Malachi.  What a surprise!

 Bryant thought his trucks were pretty cool as well.

 Granddaddy stole Emmie from Jacie and Yaya for some quick cuddles and smiles.

 Caught some Ge and granddaughter cuddles.

 I love that smile on Ge's face! 

You can't really see Emmie's shirt but it says, "I love my aunt."    Such a great gift from Yaya and family.

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