Happy 7th Birthday, Josiah!

Josiah's birthday fell on the same day as karate belt graduation.  Before we left for graduation, we sent Josiah on a scavenger hunt to find his birthday present.  He had a lot of helpers.

He has been asking for fish for several months now so his gift was an aquarium.  We picked out the fish the next day.

Papa & Grandmere came over for the morning to celebrate and take Josiah out to breakfast.

After graduation, we headed out to eat.  Birthday days mean the birthday child can pick out one place to eat out and what they would like to eat for either breakfast or supper.  Josiah chose to eat out at Steak & Shake which turned out to be a good deal due to their kids eat free policy.

That evening, we enjoyed some fun with friends as we dug in to the lego cake.  Now, before I show this cake, please note that this was the first time I had ever made marshmallow fondant and it was late and I was tired so it's not the most awesome cake ever but he was happy with it.  When I finished decorating it, Mark woke up Josiah so he could see it in case it fell apart.  Thankfully, it held together and we enjoyed munching it that evening.

The cake was a vanilla cake with strawberry cream frosting.  And it was yummmy!

Then, after we were stuffed with cake and supper, Josiah opened gifts.  I love his faces!

He remains our little Mini Mark and is so much fun to watch grow.  He still loves trains and Legos are the latest craze as well.  I can't wait to see how he grows this next year.

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