Project Fair 2014

This year's project and performance fair was quite different in that I was the coordinator.  And 38 weeks pregnant.  It was very busy but not too stressful as we had an amazing team working to bring it together. I made mistakes, sure, but if I continue next year I've definitely learned from it.

All of the kids (even Malachi) performed "Holy, Holy, Holy" with handbells.  I thought they did an amazing job.  But, since all seven performed, that meant Mark was up there nudging the littles when their note came up, and I was directing (on the floor...pretty impressive to say the least) and no video could be taken.  Perhaps some time later we can get a good video.  I would like to be a bit more diligent in practicing so that we could go places and minister to others with them.

Here's what the kids chose to do for their projects:

 Zoe had a Little House cookbok and since the Little House series is one of her favorites still, she chose to pick several recipes out of it to share.  She made hardtack, johnny cakes, apple turnovers and strawberry jam.  I didn't try the hardtack or johnny cakes but the turnovers and jam were delicious.

 Ace and Liam made a volcano!  Mark had fun with this one.  Ace researched Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii and Liam did research on Mount St. Helen's. Big props to Storm the Castle.  If you want to find any "crafts" boy related (think trebuchet, catapult, hidden know weapons crafts), this site is definitely the place to go.
Josiah decided to showcase Fifi the Rabbit.  We have a book on rabbits and Josiah found a lot of useful information in it, however, he can't type and to write it all up would have taken quite a bit of time.  So, two days before the fair, I realized that doing a lapbook would work much better.  Professor Google to the rescue!  With lapbook located and clock ticking Josiah went to work.  He was very diligent and he loved showing off our rabbit.  It's a Lion's head rabbit that friends gave us when they realized their new yard was too small to accommodate her.

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