April Randomness

One bright sunny morning we sat outside waiting on Mark to get home from work.  Ace found a magnifying glass and decided to see if he could set paper on fire (parental supervision was there).  He didn't have much luck with the paper so we later moved to dried leaves.  Those definitely worked.  But as Ace started to go out and experiment Josiah approached me shaking his head, "I have a bad feeling about this."

 My sewing machine decided to try and fly with the help of a child (who shall remain nameless) who had accidentally got his foot wrapped around the cord.  It was dead and our amazing sewing machine place said that the cost of labor to revive it was going to cost about as much as a new machine.  I did some research and decided to try a very basic combo machine that did sewing/embroidery.  One trip to the farmers market with Lilla Rose and I had made enough to purchase it!  Yay for Lilla Rose.  So far it's been a great machine and I'm seeking out a trip to purchase embroidery thread so that Zoe and I can play with that part of the machine.  We're looking forward to being true Southern women and monogramming everything including the kitchen sink (not really...I just think the Southern thing and monogramming are so funny).
 Yeah, I'm not sure what we were doing.  Funny though.

 Some times family worship just knocks us out.  Well, at least Bryant out.  

 I found this sitting on my sewing machine when I went to work.  Ace made it.  It's Bob the Tomato (just in case you couldn't figure that out).  And it made me smile.

 Kristina's kids stayed with us in April whilst her and husband took a much needed weekend break.  I had to snap this picture because her picky eater was eating squash (bird bites) and kept saying she liked it.  Proof positive that our kids behave better for others than for us sometimes.

 And then movie time brought lots of cuddles from James!  

 Paging Dr. Malachi!

 One day Kristina's kids needed to stay with us which continued on in to karate time.  Megan decided to "participate" with Ceili Rain!

 Sometimes karate just knocks us out.  Well, at least Bryant out.

 One of my roses.  For me not having a green thumb, I find it utterly amazing that I have yet to kill a rose bush!  I don't know what these are called as I purchased it last year from a wholesale distributor seasonal sale.  But they smell so good!  This year, as an anniversary gift, Mark and I picked out a fragrant purple rose from an Heirloom rose site.  We can't wait to see how it grows.  It's the only one that I can remember seeing a name on and I still have to ask Mark what kind it is.  It's a royal amethyst in case anyone is wondering.  I also have a white rose that I got on sale at Aldi a couple of years ago and a pink one that was inherited from Mark's parents.  This is the extent of my gardening this year.  You're welcome.

 Bike riding is a lot of fun!  Especially around the roundabout down the street.   It's awesome that all of our kids are riding now.  Bryant & Malachi get the trailer ride while the others pedal along and I get to walk to make sure we don't lose anyone.  I can't wait to get back on a bike and by the fall, Emmie will be able to ride along as well!

But popsicles after the bike ride...even more fun!

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