More of Emmie

This must be Emmie week.  I'll put more of our other crew up next week.

The hospital we have delivered at for all of the kids has gone through an amazing makeover.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Because of our family size we always try and get a mother-baby suite.  It costs a bit more but it gives us the space we need when kids are visiting.  We got one of the new suites (they added two more bringing their total to five suites).  And ya'll, it was huge!!!  The picture is looking from my bed towards the entrance.  Plenty of space for our crew!

 Ceili Rain was in heaven having both sets of grandparents with her!

 Josiah's got his buddy.  Not only that, it appears Emmie has a guardian for life.  I think this boy is going to make sure no one messes with his little sister.

 Sheer cuteness in giant cheeks and a double chin.

 My girls.  My heart!

 Instant sleeping pills...just place sleeping baby on your chest and you will be out in 2.5 seconds.
See what I mean.

Dr. J got some cuddles too.  He said that it is really dangerous holding babies because it gives you baby fever!  We are blessed with a pretty awesome doctor who loves our babies and takes such good care of us.

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