Emmie's Birth Story, Part 2

If you missed it, check out part one here.

I settled in as the pitocin was slowly cranked up.  I'm guessing it wasn't done too quickly because I was vbacing.  I kept waiting for contractions to come closer, and they did.  I also began to throw up.  Twice.  I hate throwing up and doing so while in labor is not fun at all.  We all took that to be good signs things were progressing.

Around 6 or so, contractions were coming very strong and but I was not feeling any pressure.  I asked to be checked and the nurse said I was still at 4 cm.  She was still high.  At that point, I decided I needed an epidural.  I had to relax and Kristina, Mark and I thought it would help get things moving.  Before the epidural came, Kristina noted that Emmie's heart rate would decel with contractions so we all thought that surely she was moving down lower.  After getting a very aggressive epidural (the anesthesiologist was a big guy and pretty strong), I settled in  to get relaxed.  Despite the pain of it going in, it actually worked really well and I could feel the tightening of contractions but not the utter pain. 

Around 8, Dr. J came in.  He checked me and had a frustrated look on his face.  Still 4 cm.  Still high.  He talked to us and recommended that a c-section would probably be best and said he would give us a few minutes to talk about it to make the decision.  We had talked previously about waiting until the morning to give me more time to labor.  But by this time, and after getting sick and feeling nauseous again, I was exhausted.  Talking with Kristina and Mark we all three realized that getting baby here healthy was the most important.  I knew that if we waited and something happened to Emmie that that would result in an emergency c-section.  And realistically, knowing my history of childbirth, Mark and I both felt there was a reason she wasn't coming down and we didn't want to put her at risk with the stress of contractions.  Kristina agreed too.  It was a blessing, yet again, to have a doctor give us the facts and then let us make the decision.

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