Happy 5th Birthday Ceili Rain!

Our youngest daughter (for now) turned five in March.  I can't believe we've had five years with my little mini me.  She is every bit as spunky as my ol' self when I was a kid.  All full of princess but if you cross her...watch out.

 Legos are a big thing around here and Ceili Rain got her first set of girly legos and was thrilled!  Ge and Granddaddy brought lots of smiles as always.

 And a hat!  This girl loves accessories.

 Celebrating with Grandmere and Papa included some fun gifts.
 And a princess dress.

 That would be a bun maker she is using as a headband.  Accessories is what it's about, people.

 She told me in months leading up to her birthday that she knew she was getting a ballet set from us because that is what she asked for.  We couldn't find one but we did manage to find a purple tutu outfit, ballet shoes and a ballerina video that she has to watch and practice with twice a week.

If this cake looks familiar, it's because this was the same kind of cake she had when she was two.  It was requested.  Again.  And since I'm all for easy, she got it.

The morning of her much talked about and anticipated birthday arrived and as I greeted her with a big, "Happy Birthday!" She announced, "I can read now that I'm five."  If only it were that easy.

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