40 Weeks Emmie Update

Zoe woke up this morning and jumped in front of me and yelled, "Is she coming today?!"

Yes.  We're still here.  Yes.  I'm still pregnant.  To celebrate Emmie's due date coming and almost going and she's still cooking, we went to the doctor and started clearing out school from this year.


Emmie is doing great.  I'm doing great and now we wait to see if she is going to come out on her own or if we'll have to force her out.

I go back in a few days to check on her via a bio-physical profile and then we'll wait some more.

And as we were leaving, Dr. J doled out a sweet compliment.  He called me down the hall and I walked back down and he had to say that for someone who was over 35 and 40 weeks pregnant, I sure did walk much better than some of the women he has seen waddling around with several weeks to go.  I laughed and said thanks.  And "non" waddled my self out the door until later.

I really am feeling good.  Not too uncomfortable.  I have no big complaints about her having to get out.  My only desire is that she comes on her own without the need for an induction and that makes me antsy to get this show on the road.  So, please pray, dear friends, that Emmie will indeed come soon and "on her own."  In the meantime, we have activities planned to keep kids and mom busy throughout the week.

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