Emmie Update-32 Weeks

That would be Miss Emmie's face...it's hard to see and I'll tell ya more about that in a second.

First, an answered prayer (lady details here) at 20 weeks the placenta was low lying and really too close to the cervix.  So, this check up was to see if the placenta had "moved."  We are praising God that it has.  It's even better news because it is also anterior (in the front), if it had not moved up and I have to have a c-section, that would not have been a fun recovery, etc.

We were also to confirm that Emmie is indeed Emmie.  I don't remember looking with the other girls but it is definitely very clear at 32 weeks.  Just an FYI there.

My glucose levels are slightly high (from my fasting times) so Dr. J has me monitoring and maintaining through exercise and diet.  It's not been too bad and the nice result is I've lost a bit of weight.  I think the lab tech lady was a bit off on the numbers so I don't think it is as much as she says, but I have lost.  And that's just a little something nice...and totally justified my cheating tonight (pizza...yummy and pizza dessert...even better).

Now more prayers please.  While the placenta is in the clear, we are now looking at our first ever breech baby.  Her rear is down and her feet are up by her face (as well as her hands).  That is one reason our picture is not exactly clear.  I have been going to the chiropractor regularly since before I was pregnant.  She is a great chiropractor and is going to do what she can to help Miss Emmie face the right direction.  We'll work at home too to get her going right too.  Dr. J, in his calm demeanor is not concerned and because I have a "well exercised" uterus said she has a ton of room and will probably go back and forth a few times.  He'll check her out at 36 weeks and from there we may have to do another ultrasound and then discuss options.

So, pray, please, that she turns and stays turned.  Mark and I are at peace with whether she turns or not.  We're perfectly happy to see what God has for us and this little one who is growing now.  We just laughed when we saw her on the ultrasound and suddenly my belly poking out occasionally made a  lot of sense.

Thank you for the prayers and joining us (virtually or in real life) on this fun adventure of parenthood.

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