November Randomness

 Last year, our church purchased a property that included an outbuilding, three acres of land, and a large house.  We have been renovating it (members mostly) since August.  It's slow going and for good reason.  Our goal is to get it done without acquiring another loan.  So, work progresses as finances come in.  I praise God that there are several skilled men and women in our church who are able to provide the labor (and lunches) for the work that needs to be done.

In the meantime, we are meeting in homes.  Another big praise, is that our home (and thankfully neighbors) are more than accommodating.  We've all now settled in to a pattern where we divide up the meeting space with another family that has a larger great room area.

We love having a beautiful and talented pianist every time we meet at our house.  Our piano gets played and Malachi gets serenaded.

 Bryant's hair when we are trying to grow it long for the winter.  There is no hope that mop will lie down until it grows longer.

 Um yeah...this is Josiah.  He acts just like his dad.

 I had to post two because, well.  He's adorable.  We attended a Thanksgiving party with our local homeschool care group.  The kids had a blast and Malachi wanted to see the "big tuck."

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