Second Trimester! Woohoo!

Yesterday marked 13 weeks.  Nausea is slowly (ever so slowly) going away and the energy is slowly (ever so slowly returning).  Which means, I might actually get our August and September update done soon and then ya'll can see and read all about our cruise and my kids exploits while we were traipsing around the Caribbean.

I was able to get a new laptop (thanks Lilla Rose) and we are working on swapping over our dinosaur pc to be a server of sorts.  Which means pictures are slow coming.  Hopefully, we will get those up soon.

And a baby update:  We went to the doctor the day before we left for the cruise and had another ultrasound.  I was just at 10 weeks which was when we found out we had lost the last baby.  Yes, I was a bit panicked but trusting the Lord and praying.  A lot.  It was a quick scan.  Saw baby and his/her heartbeat and everything looked great.  Not only that, we saw no signs of the hematoma.  Dr. J took me off progesterone the day after (which was supposed to help with the morning sickness on a boat.  Um, yeah, no.) and told me I really had no restrictions.  That really helped us to relax on our cruise.  By the way, apparently, the progesterone doesn't really effect my nausea and fatigue.  That's just standard ol' first trimester funsies.  The nausea, food aversioins, and extreme fatigue these past few weeks have all put me at ease for this baby.   We go back soon for another standard check but doubt I will update on that one.

We have first names picked out for this little one and the boy and girl name both start with E so we are referring to this baby as Baby E.  Good luck on trying to figure out what the first names are.  Ernest (while one of my favorite plays, is not it).

Hopefully, I'll be able to get my laptop and dinosaur to talk better and get pictures up soon.

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