TA DA...July!

 For sheer cuteness

 Our edible cell (it was nasty looking to me).  We were supposed to be able to dump it out and see it better but that didn't work so we just scooped from the bowl and enjoyed it.

 Malachi has discovered dipping.  Dipping in ranch dressing that is.

 We were able to go to a water park in July.  On the way is a bakery that is nothing short of AWESOME.  This is their cinnamon bread of loveliness.

 I have no words.

 We have frogs all around our house.  I mean all around it.  I came down the stairs one night after the kids were asleep and this caught my eye.  This was at eye level for me and he was looking earnestly at the light trying his hardest to get the bugs swirling around it.  Alas, a week later, we found a squished dead frog at our door step.  Not sure what the cause of his early demise was though.
 Oh yes we did.  Cow Appreciation Day is a family holiday in our home.  The rule is:  If you don't dress up, you have to take a sandwich from home.  So far, we've had nine happy and fun participants.

 This is the local riverwalk after record rain fall this summer.  It's been unbelievable how much rain we have received after several years of drought conditions.  That covering is supposed to have a stage underneath it.  Not a river.
 Mark got creative while Zoe and I were out on a bike ride and hooked Malachi's tricycle on to the fancy long handled one we have.  Unfortunately, it was not as secure as we thought and Malachi took a tumble after this picture was taken.  He was fine.  It just looked like he had gotten in a fight with the road for a couple of weeks.
 No long hallway to climb up but the kids finally figured they can climb up our archway.  Pillows are always placed by little ones to aid in the big jump at the end.

 Melt.  Your.  Heart.  These two will do it so fast and then turn around and sock each other in the face.  It's true sibling love.
 Grandmere whipped up this cutie pie dress for our cutie pie and she just absolutely loves it.
This is a Science experiment and phys. ed all rolled in to one.  I think they were running with an egg in a carton full of water.  It should have cracked but it didn't so we "helped it along" after a couple of laps from every one.

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