Week 4...A Little Late

I know you thought I had fallen off the bandwagon.  I haven't. We have just been busy celebrating one of two birthdays this week.  And school.  And Lilla Rose.  And getting ready for guests.

So, here is my progress.

The HIIT was utter torture.  Really.  But well worth it because it helped me shed two pounds last week.

I love cycling!  The hills in my neighborhood are not big (okay, not in our little section) but definitely a challenge.  But, after two weeks of cycling, I can already see an improvement in my legs.  They are getting easier and, hopefully, by the end of the year, I can tackle the giant hill in the back of our subdivision (not for the faint of heart ya'll...tell ya about that one next week).   My goal was to get 3 miles in 20 minutes.  I did it on Sunday with 3.1 miles in 20 minutes. Then it took me five minutes to go .6 miles (that were up hill on the way home...I thought I might die).  We are also blessed with two dear friends who, after a facebook plea, are offering us their bike trailers so that our whole family can enjoy biking.  I can't wait to go out with our crew!

I stayed true to my diet restrictions (not eating three hours before bedtime has been the biggest food challenge by far).  And I even restrained from desserts until Sunday at our Family Day.  It was so worth that tiny piece of dessert I allowed myself to have.

My measurements are not changing which is hard and makes me wonder where in the world the weight is coming off.  But I love that scale o' mine and seeing the numbers fly off is making it so much easier.

This week is more about balance in the food department.  And as far as exercise, I'm adding cardio into strength training (my legs are going to fall off, I just know it), along with HIIT one day a week and planks once a week.  I should start looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger...Only a little more jiggly.  And female.  And brunette.  Okay never mind.

And guess what, if you want to see what 42 Days to Fit is all about, head over to Amazon where you can get the ebook for 99 cents!  If you don't have an Amazon ereader no problem.  Amazon Kindle makes apps for all sorts of electronic devices inlcuding your desktop!

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