Random Kids Post May 2013

 Ceili Rain found my lipstick in the car.  The End.

 Bryant worked hard on potty training and after one of our adventures out in May declared that he wanted to potty in the garage.  My philosophy:  Doesn't matter where ya go as long as ya go.  He did.

 I love being a vendor at our local farmer's market.  It's a beautiful setting.  I meet some neat people and my kids love coming downtown to the Riverwalk area.  This was taken in the rain when I was just about ready to be done for the day.

 Trying to take it easy during May, I decided to give my stir crazy kids a break and we set up the sprinkler in the backyard.  Following a cue from Pinterest, I put a tarp under it. It was an absolute blast!

Zoe's cousin made cinnamon rolls when we visited in February.  One Saturday, I was craving them and begged Zoe to make them since I was trying to not do much.  She obliged and we have now granted her the title of Official Cinnamon Roll Baker on Saturdays.  I think she is slowly enjoying it and gaining more confidence in the kitchen as she learns.

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