To the Zoo

Ceili Rain's birthday fell during the week.  That meant she had to wait a few days until her actual party.  We decided to make the day special by loading up and going to the zoo.  It just so happened that that day was the day our Mother's Helper was scheduled to come.  I asked if she wanted to venture out with us and she willingly agreed!  Brave soul.

 Up first on Ceili Rain's agenda:  Feed the giraffes.
 Except she wouldn't feed them.  Thankfully, Miss C did!
 Malachi loved seeing them.  He grunted and pointed the whole time.
 Liam, aka Mr. Adventure, willingly fed them.  He didn't like the tongue licks though.
 Then we had to see the stinky elephants.  Bryant has a stuffed elephant for his cuddly (of course Ceili Rain's is a you see the theme?).  Bryant was thrilled beyond belief.  He was very intense watching them.
 One of my personal faves is the Kangaroo Walkabout.  The kangaroos are right there by you!  This time an amazing docent was there with a kangaroo hide to touch.  Liam was the only one who was willing to touch it for awhile.  Surprisingly, no one has a stuffed kangaroo for their cuddly.
 Ceili Rain got a stamp.  Big four year old birthday girl!
 Malachi, sling, and me.  Thanks Miss C for documenting I was actually there!

 The gang's all here!

As a reward for surviving the zoo with seven "monkeys" and a mama bear, we rewarded Miss C with funnel cake.  She was very thrilled!

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