Happy Easter!

Yes, I know Easter was in March of this year.  I know I'm late.  No worries.  At least I got them in.  
 Annual Easter Egg Dying.
 Malachi...while trying to take pictures and hold him at the same time.

 Mark hides and the kids attack.

 "Hm, what is this thing and why are they hauling it around?"

 I love his face!  He's still not a big fan of grass on sock or bare feet.
 The kids decided to hide and Mark had to find them.

 I made hot cross buns on Good Friday.
 I made Zoe and Ceili Rain's Easter dresses.  The girl standing by Zoe has a skirt out of the same fabric.  Totally not planned.  Miss S. joined the picture because she matched!  I think they all look beautiful!
Look closely, that's Liam.  In a big Magnolia tree.  Zoe got higher than that but I was more concerned with her getting down in one piece (she slipped climbing down ya'll) than I was about snapping a picture.

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