To the Country We Go!

In February, we traveled to visit Mark's brother and family. If you've read the blog for any amount of time, you would know they have eight children ages 12 to under a year. So, we had a packed fun filled few days while Mark helped his brother with some computer thingy stuff. On the way, we stopped off where my sister E and her family lives and had lunch with them. It worked perfectly because my nephew E's birthday was the next day. And, as usual, we were all too busy visiting and catching up to take pictures! Back to the country. Mark's brother and family live out on a "work in progress" farm. It's so neat to see how much it has changed since last we came (that was quite a few years ago) and how much they plan to change and learn from it. It's an amazing and fun place and the kids had no end to the joys of playing out in the woods and with their cousins.
Malachi and T (who is a little over a month younger that Chi) enjoyed taking toys from each other.  T had just learned to crawl in anticipation of keeping up with his big 'cuz.

We were able to worship as a family at B&B's church.  It was a fun time. Especially since Papa & Grandmere were there to.

 Games were out throughout the visit.

A beautiful niece sideways.
The morning of our departure, Mark and B and our nephew J all got up at the crack of dawn and headed to conference with Papa on entrepreneurship.  So, I gathered our crew up and headed to thrift stores.  The thrift stores where B&B live are amazing and I found some great deals.  But, before we left, we had to get a group shot.  This is the whole crew minus J.

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