One Year

March last year, we welcomed a beautiful brown eyed brown haired little man in to our family!  And we are so blessed to have him.  Mark says, "He came in to this world wanting to see where he's going and he's continued that way his whole first year."

Since he's our little monster (in a cute way of course), we had a monster theme celebration.

Ceili Rain deemed herself my kitchen helper on cake baking day.  Well, technically she is.  Fridays are her day to help me.  Either way, if I am in the kitchen she is right there beside me.  

 Tada!  Big monster and baby monster.  These were finished around midnight the day before his birthday.  The only reason I was able to stay up that late was because a neighbor came over to help me prep and keep me awake to finish them!  I think they turned out rather cute.

 Obviously this is pre-cake cuteness.
 The scrunch nose smile is always a crowd pleaser!
 I think someone said cake!

 Just checking to make sure it's okay to eat this stuff.
Sugar coma

While Malachi feasted, his "friends" and siblings decorated goody bags.
 Malachi loved his gifts but I think his friends loved them even more!

 This is Ace with his best buddy Jack.  I'm not sure who took this picture but I absolutely love it!  Jack's had a couple of rough years and to see them just hanging out being good friends...Well, it warms my heart.  Especially since Jack's mom is my best friend.  Bonus!

 By the time my parents came up to celebrate Malachi's birthday, he had gotten the hang of the present thing.  I think he totally loved it too!

I worked super hard to make Malachi a cute little monster hat (my nieces can vouch for that).
We did our best to get a picture of the hat on the baby.  This was the best picture.

And this is how he preferred the hat.

A preview of his  basket picture.  He had to sit up in it and rock!  I'll share a look back over Malachi tomorrow.

Here are his stats from his 12 month check up.

21 lbs 3 oz (25%)
29 inches tall (27%)

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