Spit it Out!

I know that I am still in December with my posting but I wanted to share our day today.

My plan for the day (yeah, I know all you mamas and homeschooling mamas know where this is going): 
Finish at 11:30 (my instruction not their work)
Head to Wal-Mart for groceries for the rest of the month
Home to finish school and naptimes and supper

My day:
Everyone was slow to get up.  There was a missions conference that we attended on Monday and Tuesday night, so they were late nights which made for late mornings.  I anticipated that.  However, as everyone was slowly getting up and we were eating breakfast, Ace told me his neck hurt.  Ace is a bit dramatic over...well, everything.  So, at first, I thought he might have slept wrong and had that funky slept wrong feeling.  Nevertheless, I checked it out.  The right side of his neck near his jawbone and up on to his jawbone was swollen and very tender to the touch.

At that moment, I knew all plans were gone as he had to go see a doctor.  I can do snotty noses, fevers, weird rashes but swollen jaws were a new territory for me. 

We finished up breakfast and headed to the doctor.  Dr. B is off on Wednesdays but the oncall doc is just as good.  She thoroughly checked him out and declared that it is most likely a clogged salivary gland.  Yummy, no?!  She described it as a bit of saliva getting hard and clogging up the gland.  So, all the saliva is backing up causing irritation.  There are no signs of it being infected but we have a prescription waiting should it start getting red streaks or he gets a fever.

Her prescription:  Eat sour hard candies.  No joke.  He was actually told to eat sugary snacks.  And now I have six children who are quite jealous.  Apparently this is a rare phenomenan and the doctor had to actually write the diagnosis out.  My kids are weird.

We did our grocery trip and then headed to an impromptu birthday lunch for a friend and then home for naps and to resume our "normal" schedule.

This wasn't an easy day and I was pretty bummed that our plans were changed and rearranged and now we have make up to do this week.  I chose not to pout and complain (outwardly), though. I try to look at our "interruptions" as the Lord speaking to us.  He gave us a little treat this day in that we got to have the unexpected lunch trip.  We even scored a sweet deal on a bakery cake for our friend.

I always say life is never boring around here.  Today totally proved that.  Now on to research clogged salivary glands...

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